Almost any condition will benefit from Bioresonance.

The treatment focuses on reducing the harmful effects of environmental factors, pollution and toxins the body has been burdened with which will in turn make room for healthier well-being, or healthy synergy.

Patients of all ages can get support with symptoms such as sleep problems, food intolerances or allergies, digestive disorders, skin problems. fatigue, stress, irritability, pain and much more.

We believe in an individual, holistic, multi-level approach where client involvement in their own healing is essential. Contact us to find out how we can help you today.

Our services include the following and much more:

  • Energy balancing and harmonising
  • Immune System Boosting
  • Removal of radiation, toxins, viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Counteracting fatigue and sleep problems
  • Headache and migraine reduction
  • Vitamins and minerals testing
  • Detox for vitality and welbeing
  • Detox for weight loss
  • Natural remedies tailor-made to individual needs

So what is Bioresonance?

If you think of your body as a system that is continually emitting energy which can be measured in wavelengths or frequencies. We can detect toxic disturbances to these frequencies from modern living, diet and habits. Bioresonance restores the balance to the natural pattern scientifically.

Everything around us including cups, tables, plant pots, bacteria, viruses, parts of the body, and all else in the physical universe are vibrating and with the right equipment can be shown to vibrate or oscillate at a particular frequency or set of frequencies.

Vibrations (or energies) that come into contact with each other can influence each other sometimes positively sometimes negatively. For example, when sunlight reaches the skin it triggers reactions causing a change in pigmentation turning it brown or tanning it as well as the production of vitamin D through a series of biochemical reactions along with other positive benefits. The reason for this is not simply a warming effect on our skin, otherwise we would develop a tan in the sauna. Our skin contains an integrated regulatory system that starts the process of skin pigmentation at the exact frequency of sunlight, making our skin appear darker or tanned. This is an example of bio resonance where specific frequencies resonate with components in the skin.

There are many other frequencies from different sources that can affect the body and cause negative responses or imbalances that may ultimately lead to disease. The most common causes of illness are e-smog (electromagnetic pollution), geopathic stress, toxins, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, teeth problems as well as hormone, vitamin and mineral imbalances. In today’s society we are exposed to an ever increasing burden of these negative influences and because we are all individuals with our own strengths and weaknesses they will affect people in many different ways and degrees of severity.

When our body is ill or diseased these frequency patterns are disturbed or distorted. By sending healthy frequencies back into our body, bioresonance treatment re-balances the body and creates an environment in which the body can heal itself. The treatment may enhance regulation and detoxification, which assists in balancing any imbalance, strengthening any weakness and boosting the immune system. Bioresonance is a gentle and natural way to help the body recover its optimum state of health.

Paul Schmidt was someone who spent time understanding the reactions of resonance and recognised these interrelations in 1976. His work focused on the recognition and elimination of causal influences to our health including Geopathic Stress, Esmog and malnutrition.

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The Rayocomp PS1000 focuses on bio resonance according to Paul Schmidt and uses resonant frequencies of the body, bacteria, viruses, fungi, e-smog, chakras, energy meridians and more, to safely treat energy imbalances caused by these very common negative influences on our body. Together with increased awareness of ones lifestyle, diet and wellbeing we can help the body restore its own synergy!

What can I expect in a treatment session?

To find out what to expect in a treatment session see the About Us page

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