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Feeling unusually tired or wired? Headaches? Intolerances?
Struggling with chronic conditions? Symptoms you can’t explain?

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Bioresonance Treatment

Bioresonance is one of the most exciting innovative complementary health therapies of our time. It's unique and non-invasive approach is painless and safe for all ages.

Electromagnetic Pollution and Geopathic Stress

The harmful effects of certain invisible pollutions can often be misdiagnosed. Many experts are convinced, that being exposed to these rays for extended periods of time can weaken our immune system and increase the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

EMF Protection Products

Most people use gadgets in some form or another every day. Have you noticed the increase in technology as well as the increase in health complaints? This is not a coincidence. Modern technology is having an impact. The good news is you can make a few adjustments to minimise the effects of electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress at home, at work or on the road.